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The project involves students who will have researched and written their script about a Bush Ranger gang led by Ben Hall.  The students live and go to school in the towns where the gang operated stealing gold and horses. They have a reputation as being generous to the people of the towns and even a legendary knees-up for the town (party) of Canowindra after a big gold heist. The project involves location filming at the rocky range of Eugowra where the gang did its best work. Then live streaming footage from the beautiful 'party' town of Canowindra to schools around the globe.

The action will be captured in a series voxpops as if the heist and party only happened a month ago. A problem the gang had was they scored a lot more gold than they planned on. A saying we have in Australia "we'll need to steal more horses" stems from this turn of events, when we have more to carry than planned on.
Legend has it that a lot of the gold is still buried in the Eugowra rocks not far from the heist.  Then there is a connection to the USA that will be revealed.....

Please return for updates as the projects develops further. 

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