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Community Connect Central West (CCCW) was founded in 2014, with the aim of implementing a collective approach toward improving the resilience and wellbeing of individuals and their communities. Based on validated research evidence showing that the degree of health, strength and resilience, a community is capable of achieving, rests significantly in its collective capacity to connect, relate and work together in meaningful and purposeful ways.  

Hence, it is CCCW’s core mission to help individuals, local groups and organisations develop and attain a voice, a sense of identity and belonging, and the capacity to connect, integrate, and interact with one another and their communities. 


CCCW utilises the collective strength of its community relations, and extensive network of project partners representing a broad range of sectors including health, employment, community welfare, business, industry, training and education. 

Since its inception, CCCW has experienced a significant growth and expansion of its services, and now works closely with towns and communities across regional NSW, 






Vince’s holds a deep passion for community wellbeing and social capacity building and has over thirty years of experience developing sustainable community partnerships. He has facilitated a number of placed based community initiatives across regional NSW.  By forming an extensive network of strategic partnerships, Vince has been able to develop and deliver projects which inspire and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds

to engage, learn and be active participants and contributors to their local communities in purposeful and meaningful ways. 

Vince founded the Orange Youth Arts Festival (2014 - 2018), as well as having established Community Connect Central West, a project based community wellbeing initiative. He also has broad experience in visual based media having worked professionally in Television, Photography and Film. Vince has won a variety of National and International photography awards and his work has been widely published and represented internationally at major photo conventions. 


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