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“It’s rare to find a person with such high level skills and the energy to match. Vince is all the more admirable as he leverages these qualities for the benefit of his community.”


Glenn Mickle Tourism Manager

Orange City Council

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We have been fortunate to work with Vince on a number of projects over several years. We have always found his enthusiasm and creativity contagious, his networks extensive and his empathy genuine. This has resulted in outcomes which have exceeded our expectations and pushed us just that little bit beyond our comfort zone (in a good way!)

Jan Richards Manager

Central West Libraries, Orange NSW

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Vince is a creative and positive force in the community. His work on the Orange Youth Arts Festival was inspired, developing a new conceptual framework for community event development and delivering excellent results in terms of quality, diversity and broad community participation. Vince has a way of connecting deeply with people and gently challenging them to think more broadly about ways of achieving their personal and professional objectives.

Stephen Nugent Deputy Chief Executive Officer

OCTEC Limited, Orange NSW

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I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Vince, on many initiatives, for over 8 years. Thanks to Vince actively taking a lead role, each of these initiatives has met with success and two were actually listed as ‘National Best Practice’. Vince’s capacity to see the big picture is equal to any I have seen, but where he exceeds anyone else, is through his capacity to take that big picture, break it down to its components, ensure each of these are feasible and then puts them into practice so the big picture is achieved. Vince always has a focus on measurable outcomes and brings out the best in anyone he works with. I am very excited to hear of ‘Community Connect Central West’ and will be seeking to align my work across the state where ever possible.


School Based Apprentice and Trainee Officer / Promotions

School Services | Wagga Wagga Operational Directorate,

Troy Kelly

School Based Apprentice and Trainee Officer / Promotions School Services EDUCATION PUBLIC SCHOOLS

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Orange City Council Community Services have partnered with Vince on many occasions in the delivery of successful community based programs. Vince is passionate about community and his programs are always innovative and "grassroots ". He has an energetic ability to enliven community members and to support them to participate in activities that are responsive to local need.



Maureen Horth

Manager Community Services, Orange City Council, 2005-2017

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I have had the pleasure to work with Vince many times over the last seven years. His infectious enthusiasm and passion has assisted the Bowen Community Technology Centre with projects involving the children in the Bowen area.

Paula Townsend

Coordinator Bowen Community Technology Centre. Orange NSW

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We at Together for Humanity have found it wonderful to work with Vince in all of our activities in Orange. Vince is a passionate, energetic person who has a can-do attitude and the ability to bring people together.

Zalman Kastel, National Director, Together for Humanity

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Vince is a strategic and knowledgable builder of community cohesion. In every project of his that I have either been observer or collaborator, he has demonstrated the rare combination of enthusiasm, a thorough understanding of the cohort, and the ability to articulate purpose, benefit and relevance to the specific and broader community.

Executive Director, Mitchell Conservatorium

Executive Director, Mitchell Conservatorium

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