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The DART Connections team (videoconference content deliverers for NSW Department of Education) are in the process of devising a project based learning unit on the history, influence and contribution of Chinese people in Australia, pre and post-goldrushes. We have identified a number of specific sites for filming content (the historic Mungo wool shed, built late 1840s by indentured Chinese labourers, the ‘long tom’ water run at Turon Gate used to divert water across distances for gold extraction) and are interested in interviewing prominent Australians of Chinese descent to capture their knowledge and experiences, including any stories / anecdotes handed down by their forebears. To this end we also endeavour to interview William Yang, Kylie Kwong and other suitable interviewees. In the process we are attempting to recalibrate the story of early Chinese in Australia, bury the myths, and celebrate their contributions to modern Australian society. 


Community Connect Central West in collaboration with DART CONNECTIONS will produce a  documentary film as part of this project.  

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