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 Consultancy Services:

  • Arts/Health Initiatives

  • Project & Event Management 

  • Project Conceptualisation

  • Community Engagement

  • Partnership Development 

  • Community Health & Wellbeing 

  • Community Relations

  • Strategic Community Solutions 

  • Promotion & Marketing

  • Networking 


Community Connect Central West
ffers a wide range of consultation services to local businesses and organisations, community services providers, NGO's and government agencies across the Central West
of NSW. We service both national
and International clients.


We offer professional advice
and support ranging from conceptualising ideas to providing guidance in the development, implementation and promotion
of health and wellbeing related
projects, activities and events. 


Our consultation service offers professional advice, support and guidance. Our collaborative and

flexible approach enables us to 

offer  a high quality service.

All CCCW clientele partake in an

initial consultative process

designed specifically with

compliance and adaptability in

mind to better address and

satisfy the needs of our clients.

CCCW provides creative solutions
for health related initiatives with a
focus on; personal development;

self empowerment; self identity,
self determination, life purpose and meaning, social capacity building, community wellbeing, social
connectivity, education and 
community relationship building.


We provide participants with
opportunities to explore, discover
and express their unique creative
selves. To learn new skills,
collaborate and engage with others, and develop
a sense of social inclusion, purpose
and belonging.

Individuals are encouraged to 
utilise their internal strengths and resources; develop their socialising
nd communicative skills and other essential proficiencies required to meaningfully engage and contribute positively to their community.

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