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bringing together fashion, design, art and technology.........

#fashtech 2017 is a collaborative community event that brings together fashion, design, art and technology to create wearable tech-art. The sARTorial  project, from which the concept of #fashtech derived, explores the relationship between fashion and electronics as well as the interaction between audiences and designs.


A series of workshops were delivered between June and October 2017 in schools and venues across Orange. Workshop participants, from both community and schools mixed materials and technology to design and create garments and accessories whilst learning new digital skills. The process saw participants use creative thinking and problem solving skills to make light, sound and interactive components for their designs. 


The project enabled participants to utilise a variety of technical skills, and make creative use of everyday technology such as arduinos, circuits, touch sensors, vibration motors, light, sound and music. It also provided people with an opportunity to engage with others in a fun and creative way. 


The #fashtech exhibition showcased works created by workshop participant and included a sample of works created by sARTorial artists.      


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