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History Here will involve regional artists Paul Stafford (children’s author) and Vince Lovecchio (film-maker), working with senior citizens, historians from the Orange Historical Society and students and teachers from regional NSW schools to tell local historical stories in film format. The artists share a love of creating new material based on old events, characters & stories.


History Here utilises a project based learning model centred on school students making short films about an historical incident or character in their immediate area, with content based on the students’ interactions with senior citizens and follow-up research. Students draft the scripts, star in the films, operate cameras, edit footage and devise promotional strategies including media interviews, poster design, ticket sales and DVD merchandising.


Access to the schools via videoconference allow the artists to cover a large area in regional NSW at low cost, add value to a previous project (VOH) and building capacity in students & teachers to create new material (writing & film) based on their local history.


The films will be screened or web streamed in community venues such as cinemas, theatres, citizen halls, aged care facilities. Screening of films will also take place in participating school halls, to help draw parents, seniors & any interested parties into the schools after hours, emphasising the school as the
hub of the community.

Web Video Archive: All student produced History Here films will be uploaded to an accessible online video platform. 


Museum Archive: The Orange Regional Museum will receive a professionally edited version of each of the History Here student films produced. As a key project partner, the museum has committed to creating and maintaining a History Here film archive made accessible to community. The archive will also provide source material for the museums educational programs and public exhibitions. All regional based museums linked to a History Here story or theme will be provided with a copy of the film.   



Project Coordinators: Paul Stafford & Vince Lovecchio

The artists worked together on the 2016 film/archive project Villages of the Heart for the Orange City Museum and share a love for the transformative nature of storytelling. Stafford is currently completing a 3rd book (based on the gold rush at Ophir, near Orange) in his historical-fiction series for New Holland. Lovecchio is a filmmaker and is the creator of the Orange Youth Arts Festival (OYAF) which introduces students to film-making and screens their work.


Following the success of the recent pilot program, History Here is now implementing the next phase of its project expansion plan which invites ten regional schools to each produce a locally inspired History Here film. The project will be delivered in stages using a combination of VC and face-to-face workshops. 


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