My Story Our Stories

The My Story Our Stories project provides an avenue for people from a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds to share their stories with a wider audience. My Story, Our Stories is inclusive of all cultures, and offers a wonderful vehicle for developing awareness of the origins and experiences of residents living in Central Western NSW.  


What is my story? What are our stories? Such questions provide us with
a unique window into the diverse world of communities that form the foundation of our cultural heritage and its identity. They help to strengthen cross-cultural awareness, connectedness and a sense of belonging, while promoting harmony, respect, understanding and empathy within our community.


My Story Our Stories encourages people of all ages to engage in the process of story collection, presentation and archiving. The collected stories stories, images and artefacts help form an ongoing cultural archive; a public record of the richness and diversity of cultures in Orange and the Central West, for the benefit of future generations.


My Story, Our Stories projects feature annually as part of the Orange Youth Arts Festivals’ program of events.  My Story Our Stories is a Community Connect Central West initiative, conceived and developed by Vince Lovecchio. The project fosters collaborative opportunities between the Orange Youth Arts Festival, local service providers and our culturally diverse communities.  

In 2015, twenty-five people from different cultural backgrounds visited the Canobolas Rural Technology High School to have their portrait taken and be interviewed by year 9 students. The resulting stories and images were presented as a public exhibition during the Orange Youth Arts Festival and will contribute toward the development of a substantial cultural archive; a public record of the richness and diversity of cultures
in Central Western NSW.  

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