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Celebrating Youth Arts & Culture

The Orange Youth Arts Festival (OYAF) is an annual celebration of youth arts and culture. OYAF implements a whole community approach toward developing opportunities to empower youth, build social capacity and create healthy communities. Improving the wellbeing of a community through the collective action of a supportive community is central to the OYAF vision.


Each year, an extensive group of community stakeholders including local schools, businesses, local government, NGO’s, and a host of community organisations collaborate on several initiatives with the aim of providing young people with a range of opportunities for meaningful engagement, participation and belonging to their community.

Whilst festival activities and events are primarily focused at young people, OYAF also strongly encourages people of all ages and from all walks of life to participate and engage in this event. The festival features a weeklong series of performances, creative workshops, sport events, music, dance, painting, drawing, drumming, calligraphy, cooking, story writing and filmmaking and much more.   

OYAF's two feature events this year are ORANGE MASALA, celebrating the richness of our culturally diverse community and #fashtech, a collaborative community event which brings together fashion, design, art and technology to create wearable tech-art. 

Past events and activities included ORG’s Student Art Exhibition, Young Sparks, Midnight Cafe Youth Arts, Beat Around the Bush, Together for Humanity, Chalk Up, My Story Our Stories, Interlude Youth Concert, Thai Chi & Martial Arts, Art Lectures, Theatresports Challenge, Music & Dance Performances, Bush Toys, Olympic Day, Villages of the Heart Project, Digital Media Workshops, Youth Mental Health Day, Aeronautical challenge.

The festival presents a unique window through which to witness young people’s capacity to enrichen communities and impact positively on people’s lives.

I am proud to present the fifth Orange Youth Arts Festival in October 2018 and look forward
to your participation. 


Vince Lovecchio
Orange Youth Arts Festival

Founder and Creative Director

For more information please visit the official website at:

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