"This is me, I am myself. I am a mind.

Mind you I don’t like being photographed.
I am a private person. I am a physical entity, just like these photographs.


I exist, although I have lost my mind, I am still human. I might not be able to think clearly but I still have feelings. 


This is me again, the only difference being that I have moved on; moving on keeps me in good spirits. This is me,

I am a human being, I think, I feel, I exist.


My name is Stefan."   

Speed hump along the road has meaning of a lot of hurdles in my life.



This is a bird all alone.

Could it be that this poor bird has

not found a soul mate,


like many of us?


Thomas, Sean, Isaac, and Zachariah 


"Me in tree shows getting older in the ages, branching out in respect  and wisdom."  


"Hearing nothing." 

" This image represents life behind bars;


how it ruined my life.

Look forward to future


without bars



"My life has revolved around

a number and in the system I am a number,


not a person." 


Diamonds in the rough


Tasting the apples; fresh from

mother earth - no pesticides.


Ancient apple trees have survived

time and the environment.

If they can, surely we can,

with a little help.


All is well when you have

Ying & Yang in balance - Mark

Tree - "Sometimes we lose part of ourselves"



Sun Dial - "Are we as certain as this?​"





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These photos are of a very real journey of my young family and the fear, change, passion, courage, determination, loneliness, uncertainty, loss, commitment, hope, faith, trust, resilience, loyalty, desire, purpose and desperation we have experienced.

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