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Together for Humanity is a multi-faith not-for-profit organisation that is helping schools, organisations and communities to respond effectively to differences of culture and belief.  We do this by bringing students, teachers and those in the community into contact with people from diverse backgrounds in an open, supportive and enjoyable setting – this inspires interest, empathy and understanding as well as questioning existing prejudices and encouraging greater appreciation of others as people.

We are a reflection of our diverse society.  Our President, Madenia Abdurahman is a Muslim; our Chairman John McGrath is a Christian; our National Director, Zalman Kastel,
is Jewish, and our patron Janet Holmes a Court is an atheist.  Other board members are Zubeda Raihman (treasurer), Jana Wendt, Ruth Magid, Peter Stephinson and Tim Stern.

Our educational activities are conducted by diverse teams consisting of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and sometimes also Aboriginal or Pacific Islander educators (when working within those communities).  Their focus is on improving intercultural understanding in schools and in the community. 

​​Together for Humanity Workshops

Together for Humanity offers workshops for students and teachers in Australian public and private schools.  Your students will be able to join the 75,000 students who have enjoyed and benefited from our programs.​

The Programs

Together for Humanity is now offering six programs for schools. 

All programs are run by our teams of Muslim, Jewish and Christian presenters, and we also have Indigenous presenters available.

Professional Learning

Together for Humanity presentations to principals and teachers are available to demonstrate our approach,  and to contribute to staff competency regarding intercultural understanding. Teachers are also welcome to register for our professional learning modules on our online educational resource site Difference Differently

Reaching out Programs 

The Reaching Out program offers a more in-depth experience. Our diverse facilitators challenge and support  your students to work with their peers from other schools with backgrounds different to their own. Two or more  schools will come together for a minimum of one day once a term for three to four terms, to learn more about diversity.

  • Program suitable for Years 5-10

  • Includes storytelling, values clarification, role play and problem solving

  • Expands cross cultural understanding, develops citizenship and communal responsibility

  • Builds real relationships across cultural and religious difference

  • ption to do joint service project, with ongoing support from Together for Humanity

Workshop Registration

To register your interest or to book a workshop
please contact Vince Lovecchio on:  

M :0407 454 832


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