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The Youth Express has a big picture in mind with its creative mural projects and workshops for young people. We want to get them thinking large with this mural painting initiative. Large in themselves and in their capacity to dream and be the best they can be; as artists, persons and community members.  

These mural workshops broaden the scope of creative learning by providing a collaborative atmosphere in which young people can foster positive interpersonal relationships, develop social skills and enhance their level of confidence and self-esteem. 


Our workshops are designed to encourage creative and innovative thinking, with a focus on self expression and personal development. Participants gain an understanding of a wide range of painting techniques and material processes while developing a broader scope of creative learning experiences.


Community Connect Central West works closely with local and international artists including some of the worlds leading designers and muralists who are happy to share their methods, techniques, styles and expertise in image making with our project participants.  

The Youth Express Mural project provides young people with an opportunity to be creative and expressive in a fun and easy going environment where everyones  opinions and ideas are encouraged and welcomed.

The mentorship provided by professional artists will assist and encourage young participants to develop new skills and discover hidden talents. All young participants will be guided and supported throughout the entire projects development. Additional skills gained include: communicating effectively within a collaborative work group situation; presentation skills and the ability to work in teams.

Each Youth Express mural project invites a small group of community organisations to partake in a collaborative process involving young participants from the local community. Each project group is allocated a life size template (outline) of a single train carriage which participants use as their canvas to create a mural artwork. A succession of projects will eventually form a trail of murals in cities across the central west, featuring in passageways, lanes and on external walls of buildings.  

Departing Orange, the Youth Express will make its way to central cities located in Central
West NSW, stopping at each of the smaller villages along the 
way. We hope to see you on board!

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