Artist Statement

I am inspired by the transformative power of the photographic image and its therapeutic impact on patients within a mental healthcare setting.  Artistically, the challenge was producing a body of images that not only met the appropriate conditions and guidelines of a healthcare facility; but whose combination of subject, form, light and colour would hopefully have a positive effect in reducing patient anxiety, stress and agitation and improve overall morale amongst patients and staff. Vince Lovecchio is a photographer based in Orange, NSW. He has won a variety of national and international photography awards. His work has been widely published and represented internationally at major exhibitions and photo conventions.


Vince Lovecchio

An installation of thirteen floor-to-ceiling landscape photographs in patient common areas and bedroom corridors across Bloomfield Psychiatric Hospital is transforming patient areas. The images - all by Orange-based photographer Vince Lovecchio - are making an immediate difference to the atmosphere and providing a welcome shift from bare white walls. This is especially relevant for the acute Mental Health units where patients have limited access to natural environments. All the photographs feature landscapes from the Central West of NSW fostering a sense of connection with the outer environment.


The award winning Orange Health Service Art + Health Strategy is both unique and groundbreaking in Australia, providing access to high-quality exhibitions and performance programs for staff and visitors. 


A growing body of evidence suggests that the arts can contribute significantly to a sense of wellbeing and can aid in recovery in health settings. Various art forms such as music, theatre, performance, participatory arts projects, visual arts and crafts are assisting in humanising and bringing warmth to what can be sterile and alienating environments.

Orange Health Service Art and Health Strategy is a partnership between General Health, Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Service, Orange City Council, Orange Regional Gallery and the community.

Bringing the Arts + Health Together

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